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D-Cycle Piston High-Efficiency D-Cycle Engine Concept By YAN ENGINES


The D-Cycle piston completes the 4 strokes of the combustion cycle in a single crankshaft revolution, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and power density.

source/image(PrtSc): Maurizio Simonini

“Our D-Cycle replaces the traditional piston in an internal combustion engine with a vertically split-piston. Our new technology completes the four engine strokes in a single crankshaft revolution, increasing engine power density and dramatically improving fuel efficiency.”

The heart of YAN Engine’s Differential Stroke-Cycle Piston Technology – or D-Cycle™ – is a vertically split-piston that completes the same four engine strokes of a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) in a single crankshaft revolution.


This is the working path for a typical D-Cycle™ implementation – from left to right:The crown is mated with the seat during the power stroke,the two halves split at the low-pressure portion of the power stroke,the crown performs the exhaust and intake strokes; and,the crown and seat recombine during the compression stroke.All four strokes – power, exhaust, intake, and compression – are completed within a single crankshaft rotation.D-Cycle™ technology executes a true mechanical Atkinson stroke, reduces cyclic energy losses, and matches intake displacement to power demand – which all adds up to higher power density and better fuel efficiency.//read more: yanengines