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Gigantic RC Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines 4x Turbine Airplane


The Airbus A380 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus. It is the world’s largest passenger airliner.This giant Airbus A380 is 15.8 foot (481 cm) long and has a wing span of 17.4 foot (530 cm).

source/image(PrtSc): trainfart

The model has a 2.6 gallon fuel tank that burns through 0.3 gallons a minute, the giant scale model Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines is powered by four JetCat P120 jet turbines.

The builder of this airplane is Michael Bräuer, he spend 5,000 hours over eight months to build his 1:15 scale A380, using lots of styrofoam and lightweight balsa wood to keep the weight down.


The video from trainfart shows the model plane 1:15 scale taking off from the runway, looking a lot of like a real jetliner in the sky as its flying around for a few minutes. Peter Michel from Germany build this RC Airbus A-380 with 4x Kerosene Turbine Model Airliner only the 4x turbine are 20’000$.//trainfart

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