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Earth Traveler Custom Made 300 Pound Light Teardrop Trailer


Earth Traveler teardrop trailers are hand-built, custom-made and incredibly lightweight. A new RV experience for the modern world of fuel-efficiency and the emerging electric vehicle industry.

source/image(PrtSc): EARTH TRAVELER

Our vision is for anyone to not be limited by the size of their vehicle to be able to own a teardrop trailer,explore the beautiful outdoors, go on easy road trips or have the perfect camping experience with ease.

Earth Traveler is based out of Santa Fe, NM. The philosophy and design stems from avian concepts and bone structural adaptation. Each component of our teardrop trailer is sculpted and built by hand. Using principles of biomimicry, the organic shape is weatherproof and aerodynamic.


The trailer features full-length gull-wing panels that open at the front and rear to expand interior headroom and space. Kitchen amenities, UV awnings, and off-road components can also be added, depending on the vehicle’s capacity.Its semi-modular design is hand-built, lightweight and can sleep up to four people./earthtravelerteardroptrailers

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