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Differences Between Manual Vs Dual Clutch Transmission


The 2021 Hyundai Veloster N now comes with two transmission options: a 6-speed manual transmission, or an 8-speed dual clutch transmission. Which begs the question, which transmission should you pick?

source/image(PrtSc): Enigineering Explained

In this video we’ll explain how manual transmissions work, as well as how dual clutch transmissions work. We’ll then look at the inner workings of Hyundai’s 6MT as well as their N DCT. Watch the video from Enigineering Explained for more info:

Finally, we’ll discuss the advantages of each style of transmission by looking at weight, cost, efficiency, performance, shift speed, torque delivery, driver engagement, and gear ratios.


A Dual Clutch Transmission uses clutch packs as per a manual transmission, rather than the torque converter used by traditional (hydraulic) automatic transmissions.The DCT clutches are either “wet” or “dry” and are similar to the clutches used in most motorcycles.Dual Clutch Transmission’s can be as efficient as manual transmissions and it shifts faster than any human can. Which is why the application of Dual Clutch Transmission’s in performance cars makes perfect sense.

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