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DIY 4×4 Sprinter Van Built For Off-Roading


Mandy and Rob always dreamt of life on the road, but school loans and other obligations had them feeling stuck. On one trip to Guatemala, they saw a van with Montana plates and instantly realized their far-fetched dreams were more realistic than ever.

image: Tiny Home Tours

What makes this rig so unique are the hand-painted murals done by friends giving it a colorful and personal energy! This 2020 Mercedes Sprinter has a high roof with a short wheelbase and added suspension to enhance the 4-wheel drive.

The interior has several hacks to maximize the small space and make traveling more comfortable. They installed a bed on struts that lifts to the ceiling to have more social space during the day.


The kitchen has a Ninja multi-useful oven and an induction stovetop. They went for a stainless steel shower and Nature’s head toilet for the bathroom section.