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DIY Beautifully Renovated Vintage RV Tiny Home


Allison and Eric were international backpackers before Covid halted that journey. Being US-bound, they realized it was the best time to challenge themselves with a tiny home on wheels. They found Clementine, a 1976 Coachman RV, completely renovated the interior, and replaced the old engine with a rebuilt Chevy 350.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

These two love to cook, so the massive kitchen was designed with plenty of counter space, a top-loading dual fridge/freezer, a deep sink, and a stove/oven combo.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

The living room has an office space that converts by folding down the work table for more social space. The couch pulls out or flips up for a spare bed or access to the storage underneath. The bathroom has a spacious cedar shower, a railhead faucet, and a Nature’s Head compost toilet.


Original paint covers the exterior with a few additional cosmetic upgrades and a fabulous wooden wall. Instead of acquiring more storage areas, they turned a box on the outside into a pull-out barbecue! Inside and out, this tiny home on wheels is a masterpiece of DIY handwork!