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DIY Build A Face Mask From Basic Materials Just For Fun


A lot of instruction articles and videos appeared on internet over the past few days advising people how to make protective facemasks using any material available at home.

source/image: The Q

In today’s video I show how to make simple but very effective face mask from plastic bottle and rubber gloves. This mask has 2 air filters that can be easily replaced and used again. Take care!

In this article The Q shows us how to make this full face gas mask. You should be ready for any kind of apocalyptic scenario.This creative mask may protect your nose, and mouth against potential splashes or sprays of liquids or body fluids when someone sneezes or coughs.


Disclaimer: This mask is just a creative DIY idea than you can build it just for fun, it may cause you breathing problems or suffocation, or cause dizziness. Go buy a professional protective masks out there if you really need one.

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