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DIY Building A Gasoline Pulse Jet Engine


Having no experience on this particular thing as it is the first time that we are making it, we got some knowledge from an expert of this kind of things, Rocketman. Although, these motors theoretically are very simple to be made, precision is required to make some parts of them.

source/image: Make it Extreme

First of all, we used a 110mm stainless steel tube of 65cm length that is welded on a cone with 110mm diameter on one side while its longer side has 165mm diameter. This cone has 320mm length.Afterwards, we welded a cylinder of 320mm on the cone therefore our machine was made. At the edge of the cylinder, we applied a lid on which there is a rectangular hole 80x100mm from where the air is inserted to the machine.

In this hole, we placed the reed valves that consist an inlet valve of air which functions automatically while the motor is working. This valve works as one way valve as it allows the fresh air to enter into the machine while it prevents the combustion gases to exit the machine so the pressure is forced to be applied in high speed from the exit of the machine where the 110mm tube is.


Under the motor we have put a fuel nozzle that sprays the petrol in the motor so we have their ignition caused by a constant spark which is approximately in the middle of the cone. Regarding the ignition, we have used the sparks taken by a high voltage igniter. The transmission of these sparks is achieved by an ignition spark. Thus, this burning process is implemented in a great frequency and the gases that exit the motor create thrust so we get a motion in various vehicles.