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DIY Coin in Epoxy Resin – How To Cast Coin Into Resin!


This guide will show you how to to cast coin into resin using simple equipment and techniques. The same technique can be used for a range of similar projects such as encapsulating records, bottle tops, crushed glass and even advanced composite materials such as carbon fibre for a new technical look.

image/text credit: The Q

In today’s video I show you how to cast coin into resin! All you need is resin, hardener, coin and acrylic glass for mold. Follow instructions from this video and you will cast anything you want!

Your resin will come with it’s very own set of instructions which you should follow strictly. Basically you will measure the two parts (as per the instructions provided on your product) together and then pour into your mold.


For mixing and measuring use baking spoons and measuring jugs as these will give you an accurate measurement.Wipe out your measuring tools after each use, making sure you have separate tools for the resin and hardener parts.