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DIY Endless Calendar from Wood – It Shows Date, Week Day & Month


Perpetual calendar consists of movable parts, and the combinations of these parts can display any date of the year. Movable parts usually show date, day and month, but not the year. Therefore, they can be used each year all over again. To show the current date, position of the parts has to be changed every day manually.

source/image: The Q

Perpetual calendars are usually made of wood, because it is easily accessible material and in the same time it is resistant to wear after everyday usage.In today’s video I want to show you how to make amazing perpetual calendar from wood. It shows date, week day and month.

You can use wooden perpetual calendar at work in your office, in your home or any other place, where there is a need for calendar and a small place where you could put it.


The best thing that this calendar never will be out of date! All needed measurments are included in this video. Don’t wait, build your own endless calendar.

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