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DIY Free Energy Motor Generator Prototype


This is a free energy motor generator prototype. The original inventor claimed a 1 to 7 ratio of power in to power out. Some coils are being used to drive the rotor and others to generate AC electricity.

image: Daniel’s Inventions

Our prototype has a single large coil to drive the rotor from which we used the collapsing field energy to power a 110 volt lightbulb even though the input power is only 12 volts DC. The second coil is the sensor for the electronic timing. Watch the video from Daniel’s Inventions for more info:

The efficiency on this type of motor/generator increases depending on the number of coils. If two coils are used, that will double the power input, that will also increase the speed of the motor which will shorten the pulse and reduce the power input.


For best results, this prototype should have 12 coils and the motor running at a very high RPM. The collapsing field energy from the coils can also be used to keep the battery charging.Free energy motor generator prototype. Free energy motor generator prototype. Patent link: https://patents.google.com/patent/GB2