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DIY Futuristic Three-Wheeler Vehicle


Many of you have already seen my past video in which I converted a kymco scooter into an enclosed motorcycle.I have read many comments in which you shared your opinion, thanks a lot for that friends!Many subscribers asked to add another wheel for greater stability when driving, and there were also many suggestions to do something with ventilation, of course, they did not forget the wipers.

source/image(PrtSc): Meanwhile in the Garage

So in this video I will share with you how I continued to modify a conventional scooter into a three-wheeled vehicle.Now I am really sure that I have become one step closer to realizing my old dream, to make a motorcycle in which it will be comfortable to ride in any weather.If you haven’t seen my first video in which I converted a scooter into an enclosed motorcycle, then I advise you to watch it too HERE:

I used an quad bike as a donor, many thanks to my subscriber who made a big discount when I bought it.By the way, I’ll tell you right away, Yes! I myself was very sorry to disassemble such a cool quad bike for parts, but I assure you, in the near future you will see that I will use the remaining parts of this quad bike in one of the following projects.


I had to slightly alter the suspension to make the wheels a little wider and more stable, and I removed the retractable wheels for stabilization altogether.I will not go into the whole process, I think the video will tell a lot more than I can write here.When I parked this threewheled vehicle right in the city center,many had no idea that this futuristic motorcycle was made in a garage, and not a factory one.//Meanwhile in the Garage