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DIY Hand Made Mini Chainsaw For Pruning And Cutting Wood


This time we managed to make a mini chain saw which is used for pruning and cutting wood that are not relatively wide. The advantage of this tool compared to a pruner is that it can cut quite thick.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Starting with, we took an old motor from an electric window of an old car.Then, we placed the gear taken from an old tree cutting machine on the motor. The gear moves the chain.

Afterwards, taking a metallic plate, we formed the basis on which all the parts were connected. Then, we connected the motor and the gear with this metallic plate, the metallic plate where the chain is moved and finally the protectors and the switch to function our structure. The stretching of the chain is regulated.


Our structure was painted in green and black colour as we always do with all of our make it extreme tools and machines. Our tool looks beautiful and it looks like it came out from the movie “Zombie apocalypse”.Our structure works quite well but we believe that a chain with smaller teeth and a faster motor would reach a better outcome./makeitextreme

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