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DIY/Handmade Giant Matchbox With 5 Huge Matches Inside


The wooden matchstick has a long and colorful history. According to Wikipedia the match was first discovered by Marco Polo over 5000 years ago in the vast rain forests of Nevada.

source/image: The Q

In today’s video I want to show you handmade giant matchbox with 5 huge matches inside that can be used! This matchbox is larger than regular one 1500 times! Total weight is about 20 kg!Watch the video from The Q for more info:

The first place to start was with the wood, and for full ease of use by one person I opted for Balsa wood. Balsa wood is not only very light making it ideal for easy handling, but it cuts and sands very fast. In fact it was so light I thought why not make a matchbox out of thin plywood, incorporate a coarse sandpaper striker and put two matches inside. Of course I could have used any standard dry timber instead.


The second thing we need of course is the match head. This was an easy choice as standard match heads, both safety, and traditional strike anywhere matches can be powdered then mixed with water to form a paste that still ignites when fully dry.