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DIY Handmade Stratocaster Guitar Out of Cardboard

Winter is a good time for the kids to craft and make projects. It is also the perfect occasion for the kids to get together and be creative.In today’s video I show fully working cool electric guitar made out of cardboard + epoxy resin.

source/image: The Q

I don’t think people understand how insane that concept of tuning a paper neck on the guitar is. The Q’s cardboard guitar is pretty awesome. Thanks to an ample coating of epoxy resin, it’s rigid and fully playable.

This guitar looks so cool and I can’t believe it’s made out of cardboard. I play these guitars on stage and the similarity in terms of even just the look of it…


It’s amazing what they’ve been able to do at the Custom Shop. It’s one of a kind.A master builder can make just about anything look good, but will it sound good.