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IdealPark Disappearing Car Lift Underground Garage

This car elevator saves space by avoiding building a ramp to access the underground garage. The project shown in this video entailed the complete renovation of a Liberty building. The shape and appearance of the building have been restored, revealing the original elements of the facade.The surrounding park had been invaded over the years by spontaneous vegetation.

source/image: IdealPark

The restoration work involved creating a green setting, filled with ornate trees and beds of seasonal flowers.There was a small outbuilding set apart from the main house.The modest structure of the building, now transformed into a winter garden, called for the construction of an underground garage that could accommodate the vehicles of the two families living there.

In order to enhance and protect the garden, the architect chose not to implement a visible vehicle ramp, but rather to opt for a concealed car lift.The roof of the lift was fitted into the paved pathway system and finished with the same marble chippings used on the walkways around the building.


The result is a functional and aesthetically appealing system that does not impact the overall look of the historic building.This wonderful garden can be now the setting for amazing parties./IdealPark