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DIY How to Make a Giant 122 Inch Flying Paper Airplane


In today’s video I want to show you quite unusual project – giant paper airplane. Actually, it was made from expanded polystyrene, but all measurments are from regular paper airplane, so technically, it can be called paper.

source/image: The Q

The longest flight was about 100 meters, but it can be easily extend if you find higher mount. It is super cheap to build and extremly fun launching it. The lenght of this airplane is 310 cm or 122 inches.

Paper airplanes aren’t just fun for making, they can teach us a lot about science. Now that you have a flying plane, you can use it to see the roles that paper plays in its construction.


After the kinetic energy that is, the energy you put into it by throwing it of the initial throw has dissipated, paper planes are gliders powered by gravity. As the plane falls, its wings deflect air backward and down, providing thrust and lift.Paper airplanes are fun,but giant paper airplanes are extraordinarily fun!