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DIY: Make Swamp Water Drinkable – A Simple & Effective Survival Hack


Grant Thompson- The ‘King of random’In this video, Grant shows us a dirty beaker full of water fresh out of a pond. You can see little tadpoles and all things nasty in there. The kind of things you would stay away from even if you wanted a bad stomach (and a lifetime of yuk)!

image credit: The King of Random

Thompson starts off by giving himself a challenge that he will drink this water after he makes it drinkable. He kicks the process of by doing a basic filtering of the water by using a homemade ‘sand and charcoal filter.’Consisting of the simple things- sand, pebbles, charcoal and what not, the purpose of this filter is to get the major, visible dirt out of the water.

But that will not make it safe to drink at all.Now, he moves on to the real thing- sterilising the water.Moving from things macro to micro, it’s now time to kill the bacteria and the germs in the water. And believe you me, it’s no easy task.


But Thompson finishes the process by boiling the water to kill the things that can hurt you. Simple and effective, he moves on to take the first sip of the ‘nectar’ that he has now obtained.

VIAThe King of Random
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