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DIY “Marble” Concrete Table, Using Shou Sugi Ban Rechnique For The Base


This video shows how to make a DIY concrete coffee table top look like marble. The top is made using Fishstone’s glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) ready-made concrete mix, which is pre-cast in a melamine form.via: Modustrial Maker

source/image: Modustrial Maker

I separated out batches of different colored concrete (from white to dark grey), mixed them together in the form, and then swirled them together by hand to get the marble-like appearance.I also use an ancient Japanese technique called “Shou Sugi Ban” to make the base for the coffee table.

I used a modernized version of shou sugi ban, employing a propane torch to char the outside of the wood. The charred wood is natural way of protecting the rest of the wood, and when finished with a penetrating oil, such as Danish oil, provides a durable surface.


This technique works well on any open-grained wood, such as Douglas fir, pine, and cedar. I used inexpensive 4×4 Douglas fir lumber from my local big box store./via: Modustrial Maker

VIAModustrial Maker
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