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DIY Pallet Wood Project – Make a Simple Outdoor Chair with Limited Tools


“This simple outdoor chair is made with limited tools from the pallet sofa that I made two years ago for my patio.Since we didn’t use it often and it’s quite big, it was time to make something more appealing for our yard from it.”//Ollari’s

source/image: Ollari’s

Repurposing or recycling wooden pallets into indoors or outdoors furniture has become very popular with people across the globe.You can do fun project fun projects with them, you can craft sofa, a table or a chair for those long and lovely summer days as well.

The process of transforming old pallets into garden furniture could be a fun activity for the whole family!This instructional video demonstrates exactly how to transform some old wooden pallet into a reclaimed outdoor chair.


This project takes some effort to finish but the tutorial shows you how to do it in one day. Place your cushion of desired comfort for reliable sitting and garnishing of chair model to make it worthy in terms of modern furniture.