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DIY Plastic Wrap Survival Shelter In Winter


Hello everyone. I have built a winter shelter from plastic wrap. I have used stretch film. There was stove. İt wasn’t a cold day. I wanted to try something different in this camp. You all know about plastic wrap. You can find plastic wrap in all grocery stores. Another name for plastic wrap is stretch film. We don’t just use it in the kitchen. You can do many things with plastic wrap.

image: Michael Bushcraft and Outdoors

It is a very useful product especially for mountaineers. You can use it to build small shelters. You can wrap it around your injured or broken arm or leg. You can use it as a rope. And you can use stretch film in many areas that I can’t count yet. Many of you are wondering about the temperature inside and outside.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a thermometer with me. But according to my estimations, it was 0 or -1 degrees outside and around 10 degrees inside. It was warm inside as long as the fire burned; but when the fire went out, it was getting cold fast inside.


Therefore, the plastic wrap shelter is not suitable for very cold places. But it protects you from rain, wind.The meat I cooked was beef. Then I made popcorn. I didn’t spend the night here. So don’t worry about the fire hazard. If I slept there at night I would have put out the fire or pulled out the grass.