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Low Budget Crafted and Low-Cost Shipping Container House


Crafted for an unbelievably low budget from a 20ft shipping container and using reclaimed materials this is a shipping container home like no other. Shipping Container Houses can often look cold and boxy. After all, it’s made from a cold metal box!

image: Living Big In A Tiny House

This container home however, has been entirely clad both inside and out, with ceiling extensions and panoramic high windows that make the container look and feel much more like a tiny home while also being super insulted! Owners Paul and Cathy have poured so much creativity into this home. Clever use of reclaimed or self-harvested materials have resulted in a wonderful, character filled house.

From the rustic iron-bark counter tops, to the beautiful reclaimed timber doors, this tiny house is packed with exquisite craftsmanship. This home is off the grid capable with a simple solar set-up and rainwater harvesting, although the house is currently hooked up to grid power.


Surrounding the tiny house are lots of wicking garden beds, which creates wonderful gardens amongst the otherwise industrial surrounds, while also producing fruit and vegetables. With Paul and Cathy doing all the labour themselves and thanks to some hard work in sourcing and reclaiming second hand materials, this amazing shipping container home was constructed for an unbelievably low cost.