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DIY Remove Spray Paint From a Vandalized Car

Learn how to remove spray paint and overspray from your car’s paint, plastic headlights, glass windows and windshield. If you get spray paint on your car, whether accidental overspray or because it was vandalized, this video will show you how to easily remove it using simple tools and products.

source/image(PrtSc): ChrisFix

I bought this vandalized car for a huge discount because it has spray paint all over the body, headlights, windshield, and windows so let me show you how to clean it off! Watch the video from ChrisFix for more info:

Vandalism may just be a playful hoax with easily washable paint, if it hasn’t fully dried yet, this may do the trick. The sooner you try to clean the spray paint, the better. Before you try anything else, wash your car with warm, soapy water.


If you cannot get the paint out you can try removing it with varnish or acetone otherwise known as nail polish remover and a soft cloth will make the scratch of your car. This video is done by a professional in a controlled environment, don’t try this at home, you can damage the paint of your car.