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DIY Repair a DEEP SCRATCH In Car Paint


Learn how to repair a deep scratch in the paint of your car. In this case someone keyed my car so I will show you how to remove a deep scratch from that using a touch up paint pen.

source/image(PrtSc): ChrisFix

Fixing scratches in your car’s paint is simple and if they are just clear coat scratches it is even easier. Watch the video from ChrisFix for more info:

Depending on just how deep the scratch is you may be able to buff it out by hand using a scratch repair kit. If that doesn’t do the job, fill in the damaged area with glazing putty and apply a little touch up paint to hide it from sight.


To remove deep scratches you need to clean the scratch, sand the scratch, use touchup paint on the scratch, sand that paint smooth with the factory paint job, add clear coat, and wet sand that smooth with the factory paint. Then you can polish the whole panel and you are done! This is done by a professional, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME./ChrisFix