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DIY Roof Raise on Camper Van $7k Total Build


Marisa and Bret started van life as separate nomads on their own journey. One group meet-up connected them, and that developed into a relationship!

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

After following each other around, they quickly decided to combine rigs and continue their tiny living on the road.

This 1997 Ford E250 started as a short roof van before Bret cut the top off and added an extended topper, making it tall for anyone standing.


They have a full bed on sliders that allow it to glide to a seated position for lounging and hosting guests. The kitchen has all essential appliances, perfect for their cooking and dining needs. In the back, the massive garage stores a mountain bike, two sets of snow skies, a kite, foam airplanes, and more!