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DIY Self-Built Nitro Engine Powered Drill

This amazing project video shows a super awesome DIY project that is, making a Nitro Engine Powered Drill on your own.Youtube channel JohnnyQ90 took a modified nitro engine and combined it with spare parts off of a cordless drill.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

It is essentially the chuck of a drill attached to the driveshaft of the small engine. JohnnyQ90 rewired the throttle to allow for operation of the drill at variable speed. The video below takes you through the entire build just in case you want to build this project yourself.

JohnnyQ90 mated what appears to be a tiny Honda engine to the drill that use to be powered by electricity and now he can take it anywhere without a cord.The whole video explains the procedure using various steps and methods. Although this video is long it is worth watching.


The end result is a beautiful newly made Drill that does its work like a piece of cake. This video is a long, informative and elaborate video which will very carefully instruct as to how to proceed at every step.