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DIY Simple Retractable/Sliding Canopy for Your Pergola

Add extra shade and style to your outdoor living space with a wire-hung sliding canopy system.A wire-hung canopy can be installed on any pergola or other freestanding structure.

source/image(PrtSc): Yura Menshikoff

How to make a sliding canopy for your pergolaWith a retractable canopy strong sunlight overhead won’t detract from your enjoyment.Retractable canopy create protection from glare and shade when needed. Make a Sliding Wire-Hung Canopy for your pergola. Watch the video from Yura Menshikoff for more info:

The fabric and structure can withstand rain, hail and strong winds (although the company recommends removing the shade cloth if a hurricane is imminent).


Since it’s a permanent structure that doesn’t retract, the patio canopy has no moving parts that can jam or break.You can open and close the curtains as you like! You can also add pull strings to the corners if you want to.