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DIY Urban Decay Concrete Coffee Table

This week I’ll show you how to make a DIY concrete coffee table with a waterfall edge that features an “urban decay” deconstructed void that I chiseled into the concrete.

source/image: Jonny Builds

This void exposes the rebar frame that gives this DIY concrete coffee table its apocalyptic vibe. I made this table in Joshua Tree CA last October while at the Makesgiving event put on by Ben Uyeda from Homemade Modern, Jessie Uyeda from ijessup, and Mike Montgomery from Modern Builds.

I used Quikrete 5000, and this is my first concrete project of this size. Ben Uyeda was a big help on this coffee table and he has a whole catalog of great concrete projects on his channel.


I was also assisted by Mike from Modustrial Maker, Eric from Cut Werx, Chris Salomone from Foureyes Furniture, and Mike from Modern Builds. Thanks for watching this DIY “urban decay” concrete coffee table./Jonny Builds