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DOLL Ratioplus – An Innovative Selfsteering Long Timber Trailer


DOLL now offers its innovative steering for force-steered selfsteering trailers for the Multi series.With the DOLL Multi long timber up to a length of 21 m and short timber with lengths from three to six meters can be transported; the vehicles are very versatile.

source: doll /image(PrtSc): DOLL Fahrzeugbau

By using the ratioplus steering in Multi vehicles the advantages of this new system now come into their own: The forced-steering “track in track” mode (SIS) let the self-steering trailer follow the track of the truck.

This makes driving much easier in tight, blind turns, while reversing and while maneuvering in confined spaces. In addition, the steering responds more directly and much faster, making the driver more comfortable and easier to use.


The DOLL ratioplus vehicles are standardly equipped with an automatic single-track system and the higher cable winch has a higher power output. Furthermore, the vehicles possess improved hydraulics and a hydraulic bunk lock.

VIADOLL Fahrzeugbau
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