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Dorjet Landing Gear System On Honda GoldWing GL 1500


Dorjet Landing gear is an automatic stabilizing landing gear system specially produced for the Honda Goldwing motorcycle series.It is an additional apparatus that keeps your engine in balance. It is applied to the rear wheel sides.Independent landing gear moves relative to the ground, stopping when each foot touches the ground.Dorjet Landing gear goes down at your command. when you reach 4 km it’s automatically goes up.

source/image: Dorjet

With the stabilization sensor, it keeps the motorcycle in balance all the time. Whichever side it is leaning on, it pushes that foot down while it pulls the other foot up.As the speed of motorcycle goes below 40 km/h, green light turns on, indicating that landing gears are ready for landing.

If you want the landing gears extended, press and release green button (pulse button). The landing gears will be extended. You may press the green button to reverse direction of extending or retracting landing gears. Landing gears pull off automatically as you reach 15 km/h as you walk. You may press the green button to pull them off earlier, if you want.


When you are in heavy traffic, the landing gear tightens the landing gear when you short press and release the red button (push button) while the landing gear is down, when you press it for 3 seconds, the red light turns on and indicates that you are in heavy traffic mode.Simultaneously, it automatically stiffens the motorcycle for a balanced ride. Landing gears are not pulled off automatically until and unless the motorcycle reaches 30 km/h. If you want to pull them off earlier, you may press the green button to pull of the landing gears.

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