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ECLETTICA New Concept Of Folding Spiral Staircase

ECLETTICA is the ideal staircase for every style and trend, both in modern and traditional architecture. The combination of high quality materials, the variety of colours and attention to detail make it an original design object in large rooms and a unique and prestigious one in smaller places.

source/image(PrtSc): B PIÙ s.r.l.

The ECLETTICA technology optimises the spaces allowing for maximum exploitation of the volumes: vertically thanks to the compartment/drawer steps and horizontally for the complete closure position of the stairs.Thanks to the vertical adjustment mechanism of the structure, ECLETTICA can adapt to different ceiling heights.

The landing is used for attaching the top part of the stairs. Due to its finishing characteristics, the stair is put in place in the home completely finished.ECLETTICA is an extremely versatile staircase.


The steps can be storage compartments, bookcases, shoe racks or bottle holders, with doors applied in a variety of versions, or practical drawers with runners and blocks.Decorative panels in various colours can be applied to the structure as well as picture frames, mirrors and wood panelling.via/read more: B PIÙ s.r.l.