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Edison Future EF1 T PickUp Truck With Armadillo Solar Roof


A robust and modern multi-purpose Pickup Truck for work, travel, family or personal use in varying road and environment conditions, from the city streets to off-road.Convenient for work, travel, family or personal use. Charge when you are driving or parking in the daytime!

source/image: EdisonFuture

Entry into the truck is easy with a motorized motion-activated side step.A backup camera mounted on the liftgate allows for all-around visibility when in reverse.Replacing standard wing mirrors with cameras allows for a sleek, more discrete profile.

It has a roomy cabin that seats six and it has a standard 6.5 ft bed with an 8 ft option. For more solar capture, an integrated solar panel can be pulled out over the read bed. It can also be locked into place to protect the bed’s contents.


These solar panels provide an extra autonomy, between 15km and 20km per day, when it’s sunny.Powered by a range of battery and motor options that includes a 450-mile battery pack and a three-motor configuration good for a reported 700 combined horsepower.The EdisonFuture e-pickup have a load capacity of 3,000 lbs (1,362 kg). That’s enough to hold passengers plus plenty of fishing gear.//EdisonFuture

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