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Self-Built Greenhouse Around Her Self-Built Tiny House


In this episode, Pauline is showing us her self-built house which is surrounded by a sliding greenhouse.

source/image: Alternative House

This greenhouse effect allows her to save on heating and at the same time, it offers a much bigger living space and uniqueness. Watch the video from Alternative House for more info:

The inside of the house looks light and airy. The light, the open staircase to the first floor and the pale wood create a soft and attractive whole of 42 m2 in total. The bathroom of 2 ½ m2 still feels spacious.


The sliding greenhouse moves via rails. It provides a covered outdoor space or, pushed back over the house, extra insulation.Most of the materials have been reused, such as the windows, doors, the base of the kitchen, constructive beams and the steel used in the greenhouse.The aim of the designer is to live as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible.