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Electrom LEV Pedal-Electric Bike


The Electrom is a two-wheeler with a unique combination of front and rear hub motors. The rear direct drive hub motor is powerful, efficient at speed, and supports regenerative braking. On the front of the bike the smaller geared hub motor is employed to help bring the Electrom up to speed, climb steep hills, and provide extra traction.

source/image(PrtSc): Tig Cross Fabrications

The Electrom employs a unique pedaling system, the Generator Chain Drive (GCD). The pedaling station is ergonomically positioned to allow for hours of comfortable exercise, and the GCD allows the rider to pedal as much or as little as they wish.

The Electrom can travel thousands of kilometres with little to no maintenance and was designed with reparability in mind. The Electrom tail-box has been designed to handle up to 120 litres of cargo (up to five grocery bags). With the easy removal of the cargo hatch, there is room for a small adult or child passenger.


The Electrom LEV uses an electric hub motor that allows riders to travel as fast as 40 mph. Using one 72 volt, 20 amp-hour battery and traveling at 20 mph it has a range of about 62 miles.Dependable tires are critical on any road vehicle and the Electrom comes standard with Heidenau motorcycle tires.

While the design of the Electrom is unique, it uses as many off-the-shelf parts a possible in order to guarantee buyers that spare parts will be available in the future. This also helps keep manufacturing and repair costs down.//electrom