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Elphinstone Easyloader Transforming B-Triple Logging Trailer


Elphinstone have developed a very simple but effective method of pulling the rear trailer either on or off the lead trailer with a sliding arrangement to allow the turntable baseplate and log bolsters to move freely back and forth along the lead trailer. The trailers can be remotely locked in position.

source: elph /image: 1969fred

Being able to load one or two trailers on a B-Double or B-Triple without the need to fold them gets more weight onto the drive wheels of the truck and gives better traction on the empty return trip into the bush preventing excessive wear on the kingpin and quick release jaws.

Elphinstone Easyloader B-Triple Logging Trailer.Respect to the engineer who created this system!This Road Train is extremely unique in its own ways.


Many Road Trains nowadays take up way too much space when they aren’t in use.Especially when they are parked on the side of a road! With this Road Train you don’t need to worry about taking up too much space ever again!