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EV4 Off-Road Electric Quad With Tilting System!


The fifth version of the quad was created with younger users in mind and was meant to perform better off-road. Wide, off-road tires excel on grass and sand. Larger footprint means more grip and makes the tires less prone to digging into the ground.via: ev4

source/image: ev4

The whole structure resembles a traditional quad but it’s narrower and it has a tilting system. This makes the vehicle fit practically anywhere and even at this width it’s very stable in corners.Longitudinal arms with higher than normal swing make the quad overcome obstacles with astonishing ease.read more: ev4

The battery is mounted on the rear for easy access and gives the EV4 higher clearing. The vehicle is equipped with two mounts, on the front and rear, which can be used for baskets, trunks or other accessories.


We’ve also added two led lights and an onboard computer. Driving the EV4 is perfect for recreation and spending time in an ecological way. An impeccable tool for people moving in places where the use of traditional engines is prohibited.