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Eviation Aircraft Concept World’s First All-Electric Commuter Airplane


Electric aircraft manufacturer, Eviation Aircraft, is using Stratasys 3D printing to accelerate its R&D process for everything from prototyping to tooling and evaluation of production parts.The company hopes to make eco-friendly and cost-effective regional air travel a reality within the next four years.

image/text credit: Proto3000

Eviation’s electric aircraft designed to take 9 passengers up to 1,000km at more than 240kts – all at the price of a train ticket. Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO and Foudner of Eviation says.

image/text credit: Proto3000

In the next four years, Eviation aims to make regional air travel a cost-effective and clean option that rivals any existing form of transit today . . .A tail-mounted propeller does the bulk of the work, with help from the propellers at the tip of each wing, each driven by an electric motor in a pod.


To keep everything spinning, Eviation’s engineers plan to install a 980-kWh, lithium-ion battery pack, about the equivalent of the storage in 10 top-of-the-range Teslas.That’s enough, Eviation says, to fly 600 miles at more than 250 mph.

With people working and commuting across greater distances than ever before, we believe the solution will bring mid-range cities like Seoul and Beijing, or London and Paris, closer together through all-electric air travel.

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