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How To Make a Industrial Couch For Under $100 – DIY Industrial Couch


DIY projects are a great way to save money while not neglecting your home’s decor. Usually, it helps you introduce some new decorations here and there without much hassle. Most DIY projects for the home are small and not so significant in cost when it comes to their store-bought alternatives.

source/image: Phil Vandelay

But if you really want to save some money while still updating your home, you should look at DIY ideas that focus on furniture crafting and makeovers.This is exactly the topic that we are going to cover today,DIY industrial couch that you can craft out of simple and cheap materials.

I really wanted a couch for my apartement so I decided to make my own. I happened to have a bunch of stuff (trash) left over that I recycled into this thing, mainly two old mattresses, I used the springs from one of them for additional padding and the foam from another for the cushions.


The base is made from reclaimed wood beams I got for free. The only things I bought for this was the steel tubing (45x45x2mm, about 50€) and the fabric for the covers, again about 50€. A friend helped with the layout and sewing for those (thanks!).

VIAPhil Vandelay
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