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Finishing And Running the 2 ROTOR Wankel RC


The process of joining two O.S 49 PI type II engines, has come to its end!Apart from a bad start and a broken rear counterweight, everything went well. The engine at the moment is working at very rich settings to prevent any overheating and it will be leaned out gradually.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

Also there are some leaks that need to be address, but other than that, the engine starts right up, idles perfectly and has incredible throttle response considering the rich settings.It took me a while to finish it and the result is very rewarding.

I know many of you will ask me why not a 3 or a 4 rotor engine? It would be absolutely crazy and beautiful, but the cost is really high (almost a grand each) and the complexity is much higher for my skills. We’ll start with the 2 rotor and if it works we can dream.


Making this crankshaft was quite the task, because due to it’s thickness, when the diameter started decreasing on machining, it kept bending slighlty. I was constantly checking with the dial indicator, and the best I could do was to finish the part with 0.02 runout. Also one of my concerns is that I won’t heat treat it as it would bent to the point that it’d be unusable. Heat treating is not an option for me unless there is some secret I don’t know.//JohnnyQ90