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First Footage Of Deep-Sea Anglerfish Pair

Anglerfish, with their menacing gape and dangling lure, are among the most curious inhabitants of the deep ocean. Scientists have hardly ever seen them alive in their natural environment. That’s why a new video, captured in the waters around Portugal’s Azores islands, has stunned deep-sea biologists.

image/source: sciencemag

The video showing two fanfin anglers it was shot 800 metres down a seawall off Sao Jorge Island in the Azores by deep-sea explorers Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen, using a special submersible./sciencemag

This is one of the best ever captured, and offers a wealth of new information.It shows a fist-size female anglerfishresplendent with bioluminescent lights and elongated whiskerlike structures projecting outward from her body.


And if you look closely, she’s got a mate: A dwarf male is fused to her underside, essentially acting as a permanent sperm provider.