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This Man Turns “Lignum Vitae” Wood Into An Extremely Sharp Knife


This is the incredible moment a knife maker uses wood to create a blade sharp enough to cut through a plastic water bottle and chop up vegetables.The video, from Japan, shows the man using a type of wood called lignum vitae to craft the knife.

image/source: kiwami japan

Lignum vitae is an extraordinarily dense and hard wood, so kiwami japan wanted to see if a knife made of the wood could maintain a sharp blade. An interesting and relaxing experiment.

The blade is now smooth and sleek and he uses the sandpaper to make the handle truly stand out.His mastery of knife-making is evident as he transforms the wood into a sharp-looking blade.


Lignum Vitae, Latin for “Tree of Life,” is the national tree of the Bahamas. It’s also the world’s densest wood, and has such unusual properties that the USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, has its aft main shaft strut bearings made out of the stuff. In addition to being strong, hard, heavy, dense, water- and salt-water-resistant, Lignum Vitae contains natural oils that make the bearings self-lubricating.

VIA kiwami japan
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