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Flight Test Of Amazon Prime Air’s Latest Delivery Drone

Amazon has unveiled its latest fully electric delivery drone that can can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds to customers in less than 30 minutes.The newest drone design includes advances in efficiency, stability and, most importantly, in safety.

source/image(PrtSc): amazon

It is also unique, and it advances the state of the art. These drones, Amazon says, will start making deliveries in the coming months, though it’s not yet clear where exactly that will happen.

The distinctive aircraft is controlled with six degrees of freedom, as opposed to the standard four. This makes it more stable, and capable of operating safely in more gusty wind conditions.


“Our drones need to be able to identify static and moving objects coming from any direction. We employ diverse sensors and advanced algorithms, such as multi-view stereo vision, to detect static objects like a chimney. To detect moving objects, like a paraglider or helicopter, we use proprietary computer-vision and machine learning algorithms.”