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Forest Cabin Built From Salvaged Materials Cost Only $800!


Made from 100% salvaged materials this incredible forest cabin project was realised for only $800! In a previous episode, we met cabin builder Jacob Witzling, who has been constructing enchanting cabins in the Pacific Northwest.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Today, we go back in time to where it all began to visit his very first cabin project, where he lived for 3 years while attending Collage.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Stepping inside the front door, you’re greeted by a wonderfully eclectic room, filled with whatever materials were available for the construction.


When put together though, they create a coherent style in the cabin that brings all these items together to form a comfortable home.The intention was to create the feeling of being inside a tree, safe and protected yet exposed to the brilliance of the surrounding natural world.read more (livingbiginatinyhouse)

For Jacob, the return to this cabin was a welcome visit to an old friend. A place where he cut his teeth in gathering salvaged materials and turning them into a functional work of art and a home all in one.

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