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GoCamp Solar-Powered Micro-Camper Bike


The GoCamp is a module that fits the GoLo cargobike, the GoLo can therefore easily be used for business on the week days and leisure during the weekend. Besides the 400Wp solar it is equipped with a 1000Wh battery, 250W e-assist and even a 60W fridge. Combined this can deliver up to 50km of free range every day! Fully off grid, fully sustainable travel.

image: FlevobikeTechnology

It has enough luggage space for one person, with a bed of 85 x 220cm, multifunctional table, foldable canopy, mosquito mesh, window and ventilation all around. While seated inside it is even able to host two people for some games and a drink!

This is the first GoCamp and in its first weeks it already travelled 500km through the Netherlands, but these are most definitively not the last kilometers!It is based on the impeccable GoLo cargobike and has therefore unparalleled ergonomics and comfort, both while cycling and camping!


With the limited width of only 88cm making it ideal for cyclingpaths or shared roads without intruding on other traffic. The e-assist makes sure you can reach your destination fully relaxed while still being charged up by the 400Wp of solar on the roof!