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Inside Oscilla Power’s Triton C 100kW Wave Energy Converter


The Triton C is a 100kW wave energy converter designed for remote communities and facilities. This animation provides a view of the inner workings of the system and installation. Triton’s three-tendon architecture provides a unique ability to capture energy from the ocean in all six degrees of freedom (heave, pitch, surge, roll, and yaw) enabling power to be produced across a very wide range of wave conditions.

source/image: Oscilla Power Inc

Triton uses three independent hydrostatic, hydraulic drivetrains to provide a highly reliable, flexible, and high efficiency conversion of mechanical energy to electricity.The hydraulic drivetrain has been developed by Oscilla and engineered to effectively manage the highly variable power flows and dissipate peak energy as needed.

This enables the power variability to be significantly reduced, allowing a more constant power output. The electrical output of the three independent drivetrains is then aggregated and supercapacitor storage is used to further reduce the power variability and increase the power quality. This substantially mitigates one of the biggest challenges with wave energy devices.


Triton uses flexible tendons to connect the float to the reaction ring. This allows the use of very simple and lower-cost installation strategies than other Wave energy devices. The Triton will be towed to deployment sites with the heave plate hard mated to the bottom of the surface float. After mooring the surface float, the system is lowered to the deployment depth using temporary on-board winches, as shown in the figure below. The winches are employed in reverse for heave plate recovery.//oscillapower