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GoPro Mounted Inside Car’s Tire Doing A Full Burnout


YouTube channel Warped Perception decided to up the ante and film what happens inside a tire when a car performs a burnout.I mount a GoPro inside of a car tire and do a full Burnout until the tire blows.This was a very interesting experiment.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I have never roasted tires until they break apart and explode before, you can not only hear the tire cooking while watching the burn out from outside the car you can also hear the cooking and crackling inside of the tire.

You can also see how hot the interior of the tire guts during a burnout, as well as all of the smoke and steam produced inside of the tire a very unique perspective I have never seen before.The view from the outside shows the rubber tread heating up, producing smoke, and tearing itself—as well as the steel belts—into bits.


The tire itself ends up in much worse shape.The tire’s explosion is so brutal, it launches the camera’s external battery out of the hole, and cracks its plastic case.The camera survived to share its footage.//Warped Perception

VIAWarped Perception
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