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Grow Aloe Vera Faster Ysing Egg Shell , Potato Peel & Banana Peel Liquid Fertilizer

As African natives, aloe plants are used to desert-like conditions: the dry air, the boiling temperatures as well as the sandy, nutrient-deficient soil. Since the aloe is so used to these extreme conditions, you might think you can shave some pennies off your plant shopping list by the foregoing the fertilizer. Pot? Check. Watering can? Necessary.

source/image: ujjwal mitra

Fertilizer? Why bother buying a product that will give you aloe more nutrients than it was ever used to having? It doesn’t need it! Grow plant faster using organic fertilizer , Best natural fertilizer for aloe vera , How to use egg shell , potato peel and banana peel liquid fertilizer for any plants. Home made fertilizer.

But aloe plants don’t know what they’ve been missing! Just because an aloe doesn’t need fertilizer to grow doesn’t mean it cannot benefit from it: the right fertilizer can help your aloe grow bigger and more beautiful than ever!


Fertilizing your aloe can help you turn things up a notch in two major ways:

  • encourages growth
  • increase amount of flowers
  • improve overall health