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Headphones – You’re Probably Damaging Your Ears. Stop!


Many of us are listening to headphones for several hours a day. Our ears may feel fine, but ear damage is slow and subtle…and irreversible.Listening to loud music through earphones and headphones is one of the biggest dangers to your hearing.

source/image: The Verge

In this episode of Gadget Myth-Busting, Ashley Carman interviews doctors to find out if her music and podcasts are damaging her ears. She also goes around New York City testing different headphones to see which is the safest.

Listening through headphones at a high volume for extended periods of time can result in lifelong hearing loss for children and teens and adults.Even a mild hearing loss due to excessive noise could lead to developmental delays in speech and language.


The World Health Organisation says that the single biggest cause of preventable hearing loss in loud music. So, you’ve got to assume that a pounding bass delivered straight to the sensitive inner ear through earphones can’t be a good idea.