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Heavy Duty 4×4 Adventure Van Walk Through Sportsmobile 4×4


The Sportsmobile Classic is the latest iteration in line of heavy duty 4×4 Adventure Vans from Sportsmobile. Currently in production, the Classic takes a Ford Cutaway body and molds it with a steel reinforced fiberglass shell.

source/image(PrtSc): We’re the Russos

The integrated penthouse top drops flush into the shell for a streamline look. Deliveries for the Classic have begun.Full walk-through of the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 – new take on the Ford Econoline.

The Sportsmobile 4×4 Vehicle is for the most discerning of off-road enthusiasts. Only the best heavy-duty components are used to provide the maximum off-road performance while maintaining exceptional on-road comfort.


The Sportsmobile 4×4 is powered by a 7.3L V-8 rngine connected to a 4R100 Torqshift 5-speed transmission.This combined with over five decades of experience designing and manufacturing van campers makes the Sportsmobile 4×4 a truly unique product./via/read more: sportsmobile

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