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Home Made V8 Engine Model From Plastic Syringes

In today’s video, I want to show you how to assemble a fully working model of the V8 engine with an accelerator pedal from basic materials and powered by electric screwdriver.

source/image: The Q

This engine model can be used for educational purposes.This video shows an example of how a V8 engine works.The V12 engines operate on the same basic principles as any other gasoline engine.

The V-8 operates like any other gasoline-powered four-stroke engine. The cylinder pulls in air and fuel, compresses the air and fuel, a spark plug ignites the mixture to create power and forces the piston downward, and finally, the piston pushes exhaust gases out as it travels back up.


The majority of V8 engines use a V-angle (the angle between the two banks of cylinders) of 90 degrees. This angle results in good engine balance which results in low vibrations, however the downside is a larger width than V8 engines which use a smaller V-angle.